Music NFTs with Passive Income

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  • 1. Own a Music NFT

    Mint or Purchase a Music NFT from an official collection by INSTRUMENTALIZ3.

    Purchase a Music NFT 
  • 2. Listen to Music

    Listen from a CATALOGU3 of over 100+ instrumentals, songs and more.

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  • 3. Earn Passive Income

    Streaming revenue generated from music platforms is distrbuted to Music NFT holders.

    Revenue Model 


Music NFTs

What are Music NFTs?

Music NFTs are music sounds in form of non-fungible tokens, allowing them to have all the benefits of an NFT on the blockchain, while allowing a music sound to exist as an NFT.

What are the benefits of owning a Music NFT?

  1. Be the only owner of a unique music sound as an NFT.
  2. Earn streaming revenue from web3 and music streaming platforms.
  3. Get 50% discount on ST3M store.
  4. Trade Music NFTs with other Music NFTs, increase your collection of music sounds.
  5. Stream/Listen to your Music NFT directly from your wallet and on other web3 dapps.
  6. Sell rare Music NFTs or collect them.

How are Music NFTs generated?

INSTRUMENTALIZ3 has created a unique process of "instrumentalizing" any PFP NFTs where we generate Music NFTs from the traits of a PFP NFT Collection.

This process allows us to ensure that we're generating Music NFTs influenced by traits of popular PFP NFT collections, allowing PFP NFT Collectors to have a nice add-on to their collection.

Instrumentalizing PFP NFTs into Music NFTs allows us to retain the uniqueness and rarity of the NFT collection, while allowing holders to get a chance at minting rare Music NFTs.

How many Music NFTs are there?

There are currently 7,777 Music NFTs.

This number grows proportionally to music streaming revenue growth, allowing for decent ROI and more growth.

How do Music NFTs earn passive income?

INSTRUMENTALIZ3 collects streaming revenue from a music catalog, called CATALOGU3.

The streaming revenue is distributed to Music NFT holders as per our business model.

Music NFT holders can listen/stream or promote the CATALOGU3 to further increase the revenue potential.

Details can be found here.

  • Genesis DAO

    Get rewarded by contributing towards the growth and success of INSTRUMENTALIZ3.

    Get Genesis NFT 
  • ST3M Store

    A marketplace that allows you to sell and purchase music stems and instrumentals.

    Coming Soon 
  • R3MIXes

    CATALOGU3 R3MIXes are released by the community, allowing them to earn more.

    Listen Here 
  • A.I. Music

    CATALOGU3 now powers Audius's AI model to generate music and earn from.

    Listen Here 


Genesis DAO

What's a Genesis NFT?

Genesis NFT Collection is an NFT collection of 10,000 NFTs on Ethereum that represent the ownership of the Genesis DAO.

How to get a Genesis NFT?

You can purchase Genesis NFT on OpenSea or you can mint a new one.

How is this a DAO?

Genesis NFT Holders vote on the future of INSTRUMENTALIZ3. The management team executes the decisions.

Buy purchasing a Genesis NFT, you raise capital to support the future development of INSTRUMENTALIZ3, and therefore we reward you as a DAO member and Genesis holder.

What are the benefits of a Genesis NFT?

All Music NFT sales generate revenue. Our business model outlines the breakdown of how the ETH generated from the Music NFT sales will be distributed to Genesis NFT holders.


  • Get 40% to 70% of all Music NFT mint sales.
  • Get 90% discount on beat store.
  • Get unlimited access to AI Music Generator
  • Automatic Whitelist for future Music NFT mint/sales.
  • Vote on the future of INSTRUMENTALIZ3.



What is the CATALOGU3?

CATALOGU3 is a music catalog owned and managed by INSTRUMENTALIZ3.

A music catalog comprises of songs, instrumentals and other melodies.

All rights are reserved by the INSTRUMENTALIZ3 team on how the CATALOGU3 is used.

Where can I listen to the CATALOGU3?

Search for "M3LODY" on any platform and you'll discover music from INSTRUMENTALIZ3.

All M3LODY tracks = CATALOGU3.




How big is the CATALOGU3?

The CATALOGU3 comprises of over 100+ tracks.

10+ tracks exist for each genre, covering up to 10 genres for the year 2023.

The CATALOGU3 keeps growing every year. Allowing a wider range of music offering for listeners.


ST3M Store

What are ST3Ms?

Stems are small music files that can be used to create music.

How does ST3M store work?

Browse Beat Store.

Use the "add to cart" functionality to add as many stems as you would like to purchase.

Proceed to checkout and purchase using a credit card. Crypto Wallet functionality coming soon.


  • Genesis NFT Holders get 100% discount on all ST3M purchases.
  • Music NFT Holders get 50% discount on all ST3M purchases.

What can I do with a ST3M?

Here is a list of all use-cases for instrumental audio files. Some allow for generating revenue while others allow for license free use.

We offer 100% right to use the instrumental and music stems for your personal use.

While you can use the instrumental and music stems for commercial use, you cannot claim copyright over the individual stem as that would conflict with re-use of stems from future NFT owners.

Tag "Instrumentaliz3" as a collaborator if you release your music on streaming platforms for a boost in visibility.



What are R3MIXes?

R3MIXes are community powered music tracks which utilizes ST3Ms from the CATALOGU3.

What about R3MIX Streaming Revenue?

R3MIX streaming revenue varies per each R3MIX track. We aim to balance streaming revenue between the remixer and music nft holders.

How can I launch a R3MIX?

Join our discord and ask for a musician role. You'll then have ST3Ms to remix and release.

Launching your R3MIX allows you to generate additional revenue.

Where can I find the R3MIX playlists?

Search for R3MIX on any music streaming platform.

Youtube R3MIX

Spotify R3MIX

Audius R3MIX

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