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What do we offer?

  • Stream 2 Earn

    Stream music on web3 and other streaming platforms and earn from streaming revenue by holding a "Music NFT"

  • NFT to Music Generator

    An online store that allows you to generate and purchase music stems and instrumentals generated from NFTs in your wallet.

  • PFP based Music NFT Collections

    We generate Music NFT based on traits from popular PFP NFT collections.

  • Genesis NFT Collection

    Owners of Genesis NFTs will earn from "NFT to Music Generator" service and sales from the "Music NFT collections".


NFT to Music Generator

How does it work?

Once you login with your wallet, our platform will detect all collections and NFTs in your wallet.

Simply click "Instrumentalize" on the NFT you want to generate the instrumental file for.

Once we generate the instrumental for the NFT, you'll be prompted to download the instrumental.

You can purchase the full instrumental and you can also purchase individual music stems that correspond to each trait.

What can I do with the downloaded instrumental?

Here is a list of all use-cases for instrumental audio files. Some allow for generating revenue while others allow for licence free use.

We offer 100% right to use the instrumental and music stems for your personal use.

While you can use the instrumental and music stems for commercial use, you cannot claim copyright over the individual stem as that would conflict with re-use of stems from future NFT owners.

Tag "Instrumentaliz3" as a collaborator if you release your music on streaming platforms for a boost in visibility.

What are stems, and what can I do with them?

Stems are like traits. Just as how a single PFP NFT is made up of multiple traits, an instrumental is made up of multiple stems.

In addition to purchasing the full instrumental, you can purchase individial stems, such as a piano sound, or a drum pattern.

You can resell the stems, use them with different instruments and turn it into a whole different instrumental all together.

More use-cases are defined here.

I am not seeing the "Instrumentalize" button for my NFT

Ensure that your PFP NFT Collection is part of our "instrumentalized" Music Collection.

Simply check here for a full list of authentic music NFT collections generated by our project.

If you do not see the instrumentalize button for your NFT, reach out to our support on discord so we can help resolve the issue.

My collection has not been "Instrumentalized", what do I do next?

If we have not already "instrumentalized" your NFT collection, have a team member reach out to us so we can escalate your NFT collection against other NFTs.


PFP based Music NFTs

How does it work?

We pre-mint popular NFT collections into Music NFT collections.

E.g. Bored Ape Yatch Club NFTs would have a pre-minted Bored Ape Yatch Club Music NFTs.

All sales from the "Music NFTs" are distributed in a following manner:

If No Official Partnership between BAYC and Instrumentaliz3, then:

  • 20% to Bored Ape Yatch Club
  • 80% to Instrumentaliz3 NFT holders.

If BAYC comes on as a partner, then:

  • 50% to Bored Ape Yatch Club
  • 50% to Instrumentaliz3 NFT Holders

Why should I buy a Music NFT?

All Music NFT holders will be able to do the following:

  • Stream 2 Earn - earn revenue from the streaming of all music released by Instrumentaliz3 on web3 and other popular streaming platforms.
  • Own the individual unique music NFT and it's web3 use-cases.
  • Participate in raffles and win prizes.

How does Stream-2-Earn work?

Instrumentaliz3 maintains a "Music Catalog", which contains different type of music, ranging from instrumentals to proper songs.

We utilize the power of our community and promote the music that we release. Community members are incentivized to stream and use the music in their content to further generate revenue.

When there is any streaming or purchase of our music from our catalog, we earn revenue.

This revenue is then distributed to to holders of Music NFTs.

What streaming platforms are you on?

We earn revenue from all streaming platforms. We're on the following streaming platforms:


  • Spotify
  • YouTube and YouTube Music
  • TikTok
  • Instagram and Meta
  • SnapChat
  • Amazon Music


  • Audius
  • BoomBox

How to get a Music NFT collection for my PFP NFT Collection?

If you are a founder or a community member of a PFP based NFT collection, reach out to us on discord and we'd be happy to work together on prioritizing your Music NFT collection.

Genesis NFT Collection

What is the Genesis NFT Collection?

Genesis NFT Collection is an NFT collection of 10,000 NFTs on Ethereum that represent the ownership of the Instrumentaliz3 DAO.

Where can I purchase a Genesis NFT?

You can purchase Genesis NFT on OpenSea.

Why should I buy a Genesis NFT?

All Music NFT sales generate revenue. Our business model outlines the breakdown of how the ETH generated from the Music NFT sales will be distributed to Genesis NFT holders and the PFP NFT projects that we "instrumentalize".

Buy purchasing a Genesis NFT, you raise capital to support the future development of Instrumentaliz3, and therefore we reward you as a DAO member and holder.

Perks for Genesis NFT Holders

  • Get 40% of all Music NFT sales.
  • Get 90% discount on beat store.
  • Automatic Whitelist for future Music NFT mint/sales.

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