Audius Rewards System

Audius is a blockchain-based music streaming platform that rewards its users with cryptocurrency ($Audio Token) for participating in the network. The rewards system on Audius is designed to incentivize creators and listeners to engage with the platform and promote high-quality music. They give rewards for the top 5 trending tracks, trending playlists, and trending underground on Audius.

  • Top 5 Trending Tracks (100 Audio): Weekly Audius rewards the creators of the top 5 trending tracks on the platform with a share of the network's cryptocurrency. The rewards are distributed based on the number of plays and the level of engagement each track receives. Meaning how many Streams and Reposts you get.
  • Trending Playlists (100 Audio): Weekly Audius rewards creators who curate popular playlists on the platform. The top trending playlists are determined by a combination of plays, likes, and shares, and the creators of these playlists receive a share of the network's cryptocurrency as a reward.
  • Trending Underground (100 Audio): Weekly Audius also rewards the top trending underground music on the platform. This category includes tracks and playlists from emerging artists who may not have as much exposure as mainstream artists. By rewarding these creators it encourages the discovery and promotion of new talent within the music industry.
  • For Developers Monthly Audius rewards the top 10 API Apps that are created on there free API. I don't know what the rewards are for this, but I know we have a few developers out there that could benefit from this.

Overall, the rewards system on Audius incentivizes creators and listeners to engage with the platform and promote the discovery of new music.

The Instrumentaliz3 community can benefit from this system by participating in the network and promoting Instrumentaliz3 music that is uploaded, and playlists. This will help with growth both for our community and our wallets as well.

Interested in seeing what INSTRUMENTALIZ3 is all about? Please check out the links below. 

OpenSea: Genesis -INSTRUMENTALIZ3-


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