BoomBox.Market Tutorial

BoomBox Tutorial
1) go to
2) Connect Wallet. You will be prompted to fill out your profile information.
3) From your profile you will want to click on your wallet tab in the top right hand corner. It drop down a menu, find create NFT, click.

4) This will bring you to the page where you can upload your music file mp3, wav, etc., and your track image.

5) After uploading your track and image, scroll down and you will now will out your track information. Fill out track information. Click next.

6) This brings you to your Royalties page. Here you will determine your royalty % and how many of your track you want to mint for Limited Edition, or 1/1.

7) Now we need to choose License type. This is Important, Read Terms and Conditions, it is easy to understand. See below:

8) Now that you have chosen your License. Add any collaborators on track and their wallet address.

Accept Terms, and click MINT.

     You will see a series of messages pop up, then your wallet will open up for payment.

After payment is confirmed you will be brought to your Music NFT page.

Congratulations! Now you can set a price and get your music listed on BoomBox.Market.

Any questions contact

MJfromFL#7122 in Discord channel.

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