Buy $AUDIO token for Audius (SOLANA)

1) First thing you need to do is connect your wallet/wallets. Go to Audius home page. 

2) Click on "Claim rewards" this will bring you to the page to connect your wallet.

3) Click "show more options" this will drop down where you will click "Manage Wallets".

4) Click "Connect New Wallet"

5) Choose your wallet

6) Accept permissions.

Once you have accepted and connected you will see your wallet address pop up, this may take a minute or 2.

7)Ok now that our wallet is connected, go to your browser, and open up your Wallet. And sign in.

8) Click on the token swap icon. Click on USDC, this will bring you to whrere you can search for Audio Token. You can search either Audio or Audius. Select Audio Token.

9) Enter amount in sol you would like to swap. Review and swap.

Now when you check your balances you should see your $Audio token in your wallet.

10) Now head back over to Audius home page you will see your balance of $Audio tokens you just purchased. Now you can use those tokens to tip your favorite artists, INSTRUMENTALIZ3!

Interested in seeing what INSTRUMENTALIZ3 is all about? Please check out the links below. 

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