Create your INSTRUMENTALIZ3 playlist on YouTube

  1. Open YouTube, Sign in Open "CATALOGU3 - STREAM TO EARN | INSTRUMENTALIZ3"
  2. Scroll Through to your favorite tracks Click on the 3 dots all the way to the right. Drop down box choose “Save to Playlist” A box will pop up, Click “Create new playlist”
  3. Name the Playlist. Example: I named this one “INSTRUMENTALIZ3 Jazz playlist MJ” You can name it whatever you want just make sure you put an identifier (discord name) so we can track streaming of playlist
  4. In Privacy click and will open a box make “Public” (if this is not done we can not verify streaming for contests, giveaways, etc) Click “create”
  5. You can easily repeat steps 3, 4, 5, and just click the box next to the playlist you just created.
  6. Now that your playlist is set up and public, use this to stream for contests, and maybe just stream it because you never know when we will pop up and reward our streamers who are at the top.
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