INSTRUMENTALIZ3 Announces Release of Crypto Bulls Society 7,777 Music NFTs

INSTRUMENTALIZ3, looking to become an innovative leader in the digital music industry, we are excited to announce our marketing plan that will captivate music enthusiasts worldwide. Introducing a limited edition series of 7,777 Music NFTs mapped from the traits of Crypto Bulls Society (CBS), INSTRUMENTALIZ3 offers a unique opportunity for music lovers to own exclusive pieces of musical art, compete for exciting prizes, and qualify with your music NFT for streaming revenue. (Link to: Streaming Details)

The INSTRUMENTALIZ3 marketing plan presents an exhilarating three-phase competition, where three lucky winners will be selected at different stages. The first 30 days will be a private mint for CBS, INSTRUMENTALIZ3 Genesis holders, and WL winners. This allows CBS, our collaborating partner, and our core supporters to get first dibs on the Music NFTs mapped to their collection. This does mean that if CBS mints out in the first 30 days, all winners of each phase will be CBS holders, Genesis holders, and WL winners. After the initial 30 days, if not minted out, the mint  will be opened up to the public, and anyone can mint the Music NFTs and take part in the following three-phase competition. Here's a breakdown of the phases:

Phase 1: Third Place: The journey commences with the minting of 777 NFTs (10%). After this initial milestone, the first winner, securing third place, will be selected from the pool of collectors. This stage is reached when 777 NFTs have been minted, and the precise prize will be announced at a later date.

Phase 2: Second Place: As the campaign progresses, 2,333 NFTs (30%) will be minted, ushering in the close of the second phase. At this point, the second winner, claiming second place, will be chosen from the expanding community of collectors. The specific prize for this phase will be revealed closer to the milestone of 2,333 NFTs minted.

Phase 3: First Place: The grand finale of the marketing plan takes place when all 7,777 NFTs (100%) have been minted. At this pinnacle stage, the third winner, the ultimate champion, will be selected from the passionate pool of collectors. The prize for the first-place winner will be determined and announced as the campaign approaches the 7,777 NFT milestone.

Phase 1: $1 per Music NFT

Phase 2: $1 per Music NFT

Phase 3: $1 per Music NFT


The progressive price increase in each phase aims to incentivize early adoption, giving collectors an equal opportunity to secure their desired NFTs while competing for the larger prizes. With this being said, the prize pool will be 10% of the total of the phase sell out. For example 3rd place prize (phase 1) will be calculated as : 777 + $1 = $777. 10% of $777 = a $77 dollar prize.

INSTRUMENTALIZ3's marketing plan presents an unparalleled opportunity for music enthusiasts to own exclusive music NFTs and be part of a thrilling competition. By merging music and NFTs with cutting-edge technology, INSTRUMENTALIZ3 continues to push the boundaries of innovation and engage fans in new and exciting ways. Interested in making even more revenue from the sales of music NFTs, come and join us on our Discord server, and learn about our Genesis NFT collection.


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