INSTRUMENTALIZ3: Demonetization to Decentralization

INSTRUMENTALIZ3, a Web3 music project that released 100 tracks over all major streaming services, has had all of their tracks demonetized and removed from all platforms due to "editorial discretion." Which can mean a number of things. This came as a shock to the project's team and holders, who were expecting to generate revenue from the streaming of the tracks.

However, the INSTRUMENTALIZ3 team has not given up. They have built their own Music NFT player, called M3LODY, which can play any Music NFT on the Eth blockchain. The future you will be able to stream any Music NFT from any blockchain. This player will allow holders to listen to their Music NFTs without having to rely on centralized streaming services.

Once the team has enabled ads on their platform, they will be able to generate revenue for their holders again. We are also want to invite people to mint for $1 ETH a Crypto Bulls Society Music NFT, get as many as you want, to get in on the revenue share. The demonetization of INSTRUMENTALIZ3's tracks is a reminder of the risks of relying on centralized streaming services. These services have the power to remove any track they want, without any explanation, with an open ended explanation such as the one we got.

However, the development of INSTRUMENTALIZ3's M3LODY Music NFT player is a positive step. It shows that it is possible to create a decentralized streaming platform for Music NFTs. This could be a major development for the music industry, as it would allow artists to generate revenue from owning one Music NFT from INSTRUMENTALIZ3’s CBS Music NFT collection, without having to rely on centralized record labels and streaming services.

Minor setback in the grand scheme of things, but glad it happened while we are still a young project, giving us a chance to start our journey into purely decentralized streaming.

The future is bright for the INSTRUMENTALIZ3 and its holders. Who else rewards people for listening to music? Rewards to holders are paid out through polygon network, USDC, no shitcoins here friends. When we pay it's an actual payment. Links below will guide you to our Music NFT player (M3LODY), website, where you can mint your Music NFTs, and Discord server where you can come meet the team and ask any questions you may have.




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