INSTRUMENTALIZ3 Music NFTs and Stream to Earn

Music NFTs are a new way for musicians and artists to monetize their work and connect with fans. NFTs are unique digital assets that are verified on a blockchain, ensuring that they are one-of-a-kind and cannot be duplicated or forged. This allows artists to sell their music as unique digital collectibles, with the potential for the value to increase over time.
One way that musicians can earn income from music NFTs is through the concept of "stream to earn." This means that fans can purchase an NFT that represents a particular song or album. Then they can earn a portion of the revenue generated by streams of that music. Here at INSTRUMENTALIZ3 we will be streaming of a Music Catalog by INSTRUMENTALIZ3 and a percentage of the revenue generated by streams of songs INSTRUMENTALIZ3 has streaming on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Spotify or Apple Music, just to name a few. 
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The potential income from music NFTs and stream to earn depends on a variety of factors, such as the popularity of the artist and their music, the demand for the NFTs, and the percentage of revenue that the artist decides to share with NFT holders. This is where a strong community of music lover comes into play. We will need everyone to join in and stream the projects music, each others music that has been created and listed, use the music in cases that you can stream in other aspects, such as Facebook, background music in your reels with a collage of some of your favorite photos from vacation. Really anything you can imagine music being used for.
Overall, music NFTs and stream to earn represent a new and innovative way for musicians and artists, and now NFT Projects, INSTRUMENTALIZ3, to monetize their work and engage with their fans in a more meaningful way. However, as with any new technology, there are still many unknowns and potential risks, so it's important for artists and project investors to do their research and proceed with caution.
Here at INSTRUMENTALIZ3 we are going to do our best to provide you with all information you will need to make this a memorable and profitable journey.
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