Limewire Creator sign up Tutorial

Limewire Creator Sign up Tutorial
1) Head over to Limewire, and click sign up in the top right hand corner.

2)Fill out your information, email and password, and click Create Account.

3)Now you want to fill out any personal information to finish setting up your account. Once you have done that, head back to your Home page. You will see Become a creator on the left hand side.

4)After clicking Become a creator a box will pop up. Here you want to Upload your profile pic, and fill out any information you didn't when creating account, or you can change if you want to, and fill our short bio. Click next.

5)This brings you to where you can choose your subscription free, or paid. Choose blockchain, write a little welcome message for people joining your community. Then click finish.

6)Congratulations! You have now created your community for your fans/followers. Click go to my page.

7)You can see a slight change now you have a tab for your creator settings. Go ahead and play around with those and set them how you like, and most importantly invite your fans/followers to your new community. Here you can keep everyone up to date with what you are doing, run special promotions, and anything else you can come up with for your community. Good Luck!
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