m3lody.com: NFT Ad Driven and Decentralized Music NFT Player

The music industry has been characterized by centralization and the desires of a select few, the team at INSTRUMENTALIZ3 made the bold decision to take a move toward an increasingly decentralized and artist-friendly future. m3lody.com, their product, is intended to change the way music fans and creators connect with their favorite songs and artists. Say goodbye to the annoyance of arbitrary de-platforming and hello to a music streaming platform designed by and for music NFT lovers.


The Genesis of m3lody.com

The story begins with the mysterious de-platforming of INSTRUMENTALIZ3 from all major streaming services. Faced with open-ended explanations and no clear answers, the team embarked on a journey to discover the importance of decentralization in the music industry. Founder Doc and builder Lazerpoes knew that it was time for a change, and they set out to create a platform that would not only protect artists but also offer a unique opportunity for emerging projects to shine.


Music Lovers: Listen 24/7

Everyone and everybody is invited to come and try out our new music NFT player m3lody.com. Simply link your wallet sign message and listen for as long as you'd like. Save the page because more collections will be added soon! More music for your listening pleasure!


Artists: Add your Music NFT collection

We now accept all music NFT collections. Do you want to stream your music NFTs without being interrupted by ADs? Do you want anyone who opens our player to be able to view and listen to your collection? You certainly do! Create a ticket in our Discord server and inform us about your music NFTs. We will just require a basic amount of information, and the rest will be obtained from the blockchain. You'll be streaming your music on m3lody.com before you realize it. The link is provided below.


NFT Ads: Driving Decentralization

The beating heart of m3lody.com is its groundbreaking NFT advertising system. Unlike traditional advertising that disrupts your music-listening experience, NFT ads are seamlessly integrated into the platform. This innovative approach ensures that the music remains uninterrupted while artists and projects get the exposure they deserve.


Calling All Projects: Grab Your Ad Slots!

m3lody.com invites projects from all corners of the music and NFT industries to purchase ad slots on the platform. This is your opportunity to reach a vast and engaged audience that might have been beyond your grasp until now. Whether you're an emerging artist, an NFT project, or a brand looking to resonate with music enthusiasts, m3lody.com offers a unique and effective promotional avenue.


How to Get Your NFT Ad Slot

Are you ready to showcase your project on m3lody.com? Here's how you can do it:

  • Buy NFT Ad Spots: Visit our OpenSea collection at OpenSea NFT Ad Spots to explore and purchase NFT ad slots.
  • Express Your Interest: If you have questions or would like to discuss custom advertising opportunities, fill out the form on our official website, NonFungibleAds.com.


Join Our Community on Discord

For real-time updates, discussions, and to connect with like-minded individuals, be sure to join our community on Discord at Discord Server.


INSTRUMENTALIZ3's m3lody.com is poised to reshape the music industry. The platform is not just about listening to music; it's a statement, a commitment to empowering artists and showcasing the potential of decentralization. It's an invitation to both established and up-and-coming projects to join the decentralized revolution.


As m3lody.com opens its doors, we invite music enthusiasts and creators to join us on this remarkable journey. Discover a new way to experience your favorite songs, explore music NFT collections, and support the artists and projects you love.

Stay tuned for more updates and be part of the movement that's set to transform the music industry forever. Visit m3lody.com today and be part of a new era in music streaming and promotion. Your music, your way, your m3lody.com.

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