Changing the landscape of Music is a WEB3 Music platform that is putting the power and control of creative content back into the hands of you, the Musicians, Producers, and Collaborators. Their very unique platform was developed for the up and coming and independent minded artists.The platform gives artists and creators a community to interact with, keep up to date, and directly communicate with there fans and followers. Here musicians, producers, and artists can upload and sell their individual or collaborated work. Being able to directly distribute to you most loyal fans and followers.

Breaking down what SoundRig has to offer, like mentioned above they are a community of creators and fans. The technology is built on the Cardano (ADA) Blockchain, this gives anyone from Musicians to visual artists a place they can connect with their fans, and create some revenue with there content. You won't have to worry about waiting for your royalties as they can be written right into the smart contracts, and executed right at the time of sale.

This is done with SoundRig's multimedia product, trademarked as TUN3Z (tunes). You can purchase TUN3Z, which will be available in all genres, searched for by name or country of origin. Once purchased you open up SoundRig's "TUN3Z Player", and listen to your unique original pieces from your favorite artist.

With all these great features, the SoundRig team is still developing and have some pretty exciting plans for the future. Soon the "TUN3Z Player" will be multi-chain, which is great you will be able to listen to all your music NFTs in one place. No more jumping back and forth from different players. Even more exciting, SoundRig plans on releasing a mobile app in the future. This will give you the ability to buy/sell content, listen to your TUN3Z where ever you might be, and have all the exclusive content right at your fingertips. is one project that is creating a new path for up and coming independent and professional artists to better connect with, distribute content to, and directly communicate with fans and followers. With the future building plans SoundRig is looking really good, and delivering to their community. Check out SoundRig's Whitepaper.


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