SoundTrap Tutorial - Instrumentalized Music NFT

SoundTrap Tutorial

(for purchasers of Music Stems)



2) Click Get Started, Option for Personal or Educational use, (99% will use Personal)

3) Follow sign up instructions.

4) Once you are logged in, go to your Project tab on the left hand side. (screenshot below) Now you are ready to upload your music stems or traits (stems are sold separately from your music NFT you minted).




Now we will upload your Music Stems


1) From your projects screen, you will want to click on Enter Studio.

2) Once you have entered your studio. You will be given options to either upload Music or Podcast. Click Music.


3) Just close out any pop-up you don't need that now. From this screen you have multiple options. Find Import file (bottom center) click.


4) This will bring you to the point you can choose your stems for upload. Find the folder you created to save your music stems in.

I just created a folder and inside that folder I made a folder for each DDDucks I minted to be  my Music NFT, and i put the corrisponding music stems (traits) in each folder.


5) select your music stems (traits) you can see in screenshot. And click Open.


For this example I am only putting together the original Music NFT as is when minted.


6) You will get a brief loading screen come up and then you will have all music stems ready to save and play, use in your vlogs, streaming for anything you can think of.


When you have saved the music, click on the (-) icon, next to file, in upper left hand corner. This will bring you back to your Projects page and you can view and listen to your Music.


Got questions?

Reach out to @MJfromFL#7122


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