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Limewire is back Who doesn't remember Limewire? You know the better option than Napster, at least I thought so? Remember getting home from school or work and turning on the PC and starting to download music. Everyone had some kick ass mix tapes back then. Well folks, Limewire is back and working in the decentralized area of web3.

With the new Limewire they have created a site that offers artists to make Membership-based communities. Meaning for a small amount a month you can have direct access to your favorite musicians. Meaning you can actually talk through chats with your favorite artist. This will also make you eligible for new drops, exclusive content, or any other activities they may have going on in the community. Example : Some communities will allow members to hear new songs before release date, or exclusive releases through NFTs, which can be traded and or kept.

Limewire is able to this because they are building using Blockchain technology. Which means much more security for musicians content, terms of licensing can be more easily enforced, along with royalties and many more advantages. If you have been following our blogs we have plenty of information on blockchain and web3 and how it all ties into the music industry.

Limewire for creators. This is the place for you. They have a revenue share system set up, that is pretty good. I mean Limewire says "we only grow as you grow and there is no upfront fees". Doesn't get any better than that! So, creators of any type, you are welcome on their platform, musicians, artists, designers, video bloggers, you name it you can make a community for your fans.

If you are a creator professional with a large following or just getting started with a small group of followers, I suggest you check out the new Limewire. I think you will be pretty impressed with what they are doing, I know I was. Limewire

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