What's Next After Minting Music NFT?

If you have recently minted your music NFT, you are probably asking yourself, "what can i do with this besides listen to it?" Well, lucky for you INSTRUMENTALIZ3 has resources for that.

1) You just hang on to it and wait for streaming revenue to start coming in.

a. Stay connected with INSTRUMENTALIZ3 for Album drops. Stream our Albums and Tracks we post to YouTube, Spotify, and other such platforms.  (This will be a vital part of the community to maximize number of streams, more streaming revenue to be distributed to music NFT holders)
b. You can head over to our Beat Store, search for your music stems for your NFT, then get a few extra so you can mix and match and create something truly unique, and purchase your stems.

2) Once purchased you can use platforms such as SoundTrap.com. (My recommendation because i have used it. It is easy to use and has a lot of free tools)

a. Soundtrap will allow you to upload the stems you just purchased and stitch them together anyway you want, manipulate the sounds with the tools, and create your own unique music.

b. Next i suggest creating a Folder and saving your Newly created music. This will be necessary if you are to maximize your earnings. (SoundTrap Tutorial)

3) Now we want to head over to, our recommended site, DistroKid.com. *music distribution to 50+ streaming sites and marketplaces. 

a. Here we will create an account and upload your saved music you just created. You will have the option to Master your Track, if you do not pay for the service to master tracks you can only master 1. There are other ways to do this though.

b. Once uploaded you will need to Add all parameters to your music. (artist name, song name, royalties, album cover, etc.) 

c. Once this is completed You will have to wait about 1 week and your music will be streaming on streaming platforms, and available for use on social media sites

4) Another couple options available now that you have downloaded your music. 

a. BoomBox.market. (SOL) Mint your music and put up for sale.

b. SoundRig.io (ADA) Streaming and Sell your music

c. Audius.co offers streaming. Rewards and streaming payments in native token $AUDIO (Audius rewards Info)

d. Create reels on Facebook stream you music in the reel. (FaceBook Tutorial)

e. Create TikTok content and stream music in background. (TikTok Tutorial)

There so many ways you could put your music to work for you. You just need to use your imagination. I hope this was a helpful guide to get you started. Please if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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